December 3, 2007 Comments Off on Valkenburg!

SaunaGreat weekend! Sauna, steam baths, wraps, massages, 5 course dinner with special wine menu (loads of it!). All a man needs to start the week rested. So why did I feel tired this morning? Was it just the prospect of having to go to work?
I also managed to finish Ni d’Adam, ni d’Eve (A. Nothomb). Not bad, but a bit of a disappointment compared to her previous books. The toll of setting the standards so high? It was her first ‘long’ book (over 200 pages compared to the other 130 pagers), but I’m sure it wasn’t that. There just wasn’t enough of her typical black humour… but don’t let this ‘quick review’ hold you back from reading it.

Picture courtesy of Andreas Nilsson, published under Creative Common License


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