December 15, 2007 Comments Off on Yulbiz

…went to the Walvis (Oualvis), didn’t see anyone. Wapped on my mobile to m.facebook.com (mobile version of the every popular “friends”-site) and noticed that the venue had changed to Café Belga. No notification to the people who said they might join, no you have to check the invitation regularly yourself.
Anyway, went to Café Belga and didn’t find anyone I know. Almost anyone I know had responded with ‘maybe’ and the combination of Belgian railway strikes or just general disinterest made them decide not to come. I started to listen in with some of the conversations, and I had the impression that each and everyone of those were the kind of geeks I didn’t want to get involved with, so I just went home. No more Yulbiz for me unless there’s some serious organisation, agenda and a minimum of people I know who will definitely join.


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