Should have, would have…

December 18, 2007 Comments Off on Should have, would have…

La libre is becoming my least favourite newspaper in a very short amount of time. Which is weird knowing that Le Soir (yesterday 120 years old) is doing its utmost to stay on top of that list. Today in La Libre on the football competition:

Seul le Standard est encore en mesure de contrer les Blauw en Zwart.

Huh? Cercle is only 6 points behind..we’re not even halfway the competition.

Avant le regain de forme affiché contre Anderlecht, les Blauw en Zwart ont souvent gagné par le plus petit écart (neuf fois en onze succès). Grâce à l’inefficacité de leurs adversaires, aux phases arrêtées en leur faveur et à leurs fins de matches déterminantes.

That is true, but that is also true for Club’s match against Cercle. Many people tell me that actually Cercle was the stronger team and should have won. And what would that have meant for the standings? Standard first, Cercle second and Club third, all with 34 points.

If this, if that… it’s the actual points that count. But to say that only Standard can threaten Club for the title is a bit early, at least that’s what the stats tell me 😉


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