5 * 3* 2007

December 27, 2007 Comments Off on 5 * 3* 2007

3 bands and/or artists I’ve learnt to know.

* Kate Nash!
* Amy Winehouse
* Sia

3 things that I’m not likely to forget

* The two hours I spent watching the city of Jaisalmer go by from the top of the fort while listening to Le Grand Jazz (La Première podcast). Great views, massively relaxing
* Presenting with a cinema screen behind me for my Powerpoint presentation
* My brother decides to continue the name Reys by reproducing. My niece was born on July 20th!

3 blunders.

* I took public transport in Brussels unprepared and got back in the same time as I would have walked!
* In Selfridges, I told a remote helicopter fan how utterly useless these devices are, thinking that I was talking to a friend. The guy was seriously offended.
* Eating carbonnades after having realised that I’m allergic to beer!

3 things I got very proud about.

* getting the female touch in the mainly male dominated brusselblogt crew (by asking Tineke… ta for the stick)
* finishing the 20km of Brussels in just over 1h30
* finishing the Damme-Brugge swim (4km) in 58mins

3 things I bought or got.

* 70-200mm f/2.8 lens (hurray for cash backs and avoiding tva!)
* a public transport ticket good for 10 rides
* a 230€ beautiful necklace for the better half for christmasThat was not for me: I bought myself the super sexy new Mac keyboard (wireless)

3 people I want to throw this stick at:

* Frank
* Mich (to get it going on the other side of the linguistic border)
* Dykes And the City to throw the stick back into dykehood.


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