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Something I hadn’t read anywhere else about Macworld is the following… terms and conditions for using the Itunes Music Store have changed (probably for movie rental) and it will give you grief.
First you go to your shopping cart where you will be presented with the new terms and conditions in one of the languages of the country. If you want to read it in another, you have to follow an unclickable link! It’s even not possible to copy/paste. So typing it is! Apple is often associated with intuitive interfaces, and on a lot of their products I agree that if you can disconnect from your ‘traditional’ ways of doing things, Apple is a blessing for user interfaces. But this screen is one of the worst I’ve seen in my IT career. To finish it off, in a third language, considered as ‘the standard’ (and which I use to blog), you will ‘agree to the terms and conditions’.
Next you’re presented with the ‘Thank you for agreeing with us (otherwise you would have to stop using our service). And then you click OK, which brings you back to the first screen… AND WE’RE IN A LOOP. Little bug?
Terms and Conditions
… ad infinitum.

It takes a couple of restarts of Itunes before you can actually do your purchases. I’m sure that at this point, a couple of people might have given up.


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