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January 16, 2008 Comments Off on Offer accepted

Better half's new apartment.
Xmas 2006, the better half and I visited some friends of hers in Shad Thames (just southeast of Tower Bridge) for a couple of days. I immediately got a very good feel about that area, so I started sharing my feelings (yes, we men can if necessary)… on several occasions. At the same time, she was thinking about investing the money she’s earnt over the last years. After two more visits in the area, she started contacting a mortgage broker who found interesting ways to re-mortgage her first house (Twickenham) and put that money in a buy-for-let mortgage (scary, not paying back capital, I know).
That meant business! A budget, a good definition of what you want (bit of outdoor, 2 bedrooms, +1000 sq ft, shad thames area,…). We knew it was possible but difficult. This Xmas, our friend Tone who’s been tasked to find apartments managed to narrow the possible apartments to about 7.
So last Saturday, better half and me woke up at an ungodly early hour to catch the Eurostar. So after a good day of visits and a night sleep back in our beds in Bxl, we knew that we wanted to go for 3. One was going to be difficult as some other couple had put down an offer that we expected to be higher than what could be offered but the two others were real options. After only 3 days our (well, her…) offer of 650K£ is accepted on the penthouse in Bermondsey Spa. So it’s not Shad Thames, it’s not a converted warehouse (like you find them there). But boy, the view is fabulous.
Penthouse View: Bermondsey Spa
It comes furnished and I bet we can rent that out quite quickly at a good rate, but before we do that… party at the penthouse!!! If all goes well, the key should be in our possession by end march. Which seem perfect for my birthday…
Picture of apartment on FlickR has notes and both pictures are geotagged, just in case you’re curious about the whereabouts.


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