Turkey in Europe?

January 26, 2008 Comments Off on Turkey in Europe?

Attaturk's bedAlthough homosexuality isn’t illegal in Turkey, the governement has decided to ban Lambdaistanbul (there’s a small English section on their page) because they defend homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders and therefore endanger public moral and family values. So on one hand the Turkish government does not dare to forbid “being different” for the sake of not losing the chance of getting into the EU, but does its best to send out the message that if you’re “different”, you’re on your own.

“If organisations that defend human rights cannot function, Turkey’s status as a real democracy is in danger.”

On the other had, Turkey still officially denies the Armenian genocide despite clear evidence. If you officially forbid an individual to deny an event, like we do, I think it’s a bit paranoid and you should just overwhelm the individual with the evidence to prove him wrong. But when a government denies its past and covers it up, that’s plain old censorship. What next, burn all the evidence, a bonfire with the bad books?
No I’m not convinced of Turkey having a place in the EU, yet. And this isn’t taking into account the geographic fact that the country is mainly in Asia.


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