What a great morning

February 9, 2008 Comments Off on What a great morning

Sunrise Avenue Louise

What a lovely morning it was. Alarm was set just before seven as I knew from the weather forecast that we would finally have a great sunrise. And as I have hardly shot any pictures this year, this was the ideal opportunity to pick up where I left of (probably India). I had misjudged the time to get up slightly as the sun wasn’t rising yet, but the first light was appearing. I hadn’t properly planned where to go to shoot, and I realised that in the woods would be difficult to find good spots for catching the sunrise, so I went into town. Above is my first shot, which looks a bit like a night shot, but the reflection of the sunrise is present in the Blue Tower.

The photo shoot wasn’t what made the morning great though. It was the mere fact of being outside, seeing the city slowly lighting up… and that after a long dull period of greyness! I’m a happpy camper 😉 More photos will follow on my FlickR stream (no words on the Yahoo!-Microsoft thing last night?) and photoblog, I think.
My sincerest apologies to Mich, I’ll look into the RSS feed soon 😉


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