Canon and the countries

February 26, 2008 Comments Off on Canon and the countries

De volgende 18 (achttien) landen: Andorra/Spanje, Oostenrijk, België/Luxemburg, Tsjechische Republiek, Denemarken, Finland, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Hongarije, San Marino/Italië, Nederland, Noorwegen, Polen, Portugal, Zweden, Zwitserland, Groot-Brittannië/Ierland en Slowakije.

This is a part out of the terms and conditions of a competition over at Canon. It gives you a list of 18(!) countries. What I find amazing is that they managed to consider Belgium and Luxembourg or Great Britain and Ireland to be one single country. Canon might have one office there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re not talking separate countries.
I have some sympathy for them taking Andorra and Spain or San Marino and Italy together, these little ones have a somewhat different status. But this makes me wonder: are you allowed to take part in the competition if you live in Monaco? I didn’t see Monaco/France mentioned.


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