Sad news always comes at bad time

March 2, 2008 Comments Off on Sad news always comes at bad time

Only 10 days ago, I went to the funeral of a girl (Bea) who was only one year older than I am now. Cancer got to her. It is shocking to see somebody your age, with two young kids, whose life is taken away. Breast cancer, or cancer in general, isn’t something you automatically associate with a 32 year old (that’s when it was discovered). I don’t have to tell you that the funeral was extremely emotional as she had prepared the music and a letter for the ones she left behind. I’ll never listen to “Mud Stories” again with the same feelings.
This morning, I got told that my doctor’s husband has died on Friday night. 5 weeks after he got hit by a massive heart attack. Although it was the kind of heart attack one does not likely survive, he was “lucky” (not sure about this anymore) to get it in the hospital with his husband with him. Last Monday, when I saw my doctor, things looked a bit better and they would soon be looking for a heart transplant as his brain functions were good. They had spent a couple of intensely emotional moments together during his time awake and that had brought back a bit of hope. Last Friday, his body just gave up. 42…
Never a good moment to hear this sort of news!


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