March 6, 2008 Comments Off on Katie

Katie PriceNobody ever asked me whether I like Katie Price (aka Jordan), and obviously nobody asked me why. So on the question if I do, the answer is clearly yes. On the why, I’ll have to say because she’s witty, smart and doesn’t talk bollocks like many models… and yes I’ll admit, her physical appearance doesn’t completely go unnoticed.
I started liking her after I saw her the first time on Jonathan Ross, and my opinion didn’t change after a second guest appearance. And now I start liking her even more. She recently opened up her own lign of lingerie and modeled it with her best friends. I can’t show pictures here as they will cost me a shitload of money, but you can see the pictures on http://thesuperficial.com. A bit like Dove did with their adverts with regular, non less than 18BMI models, she shows her lingerie with regular, normal women.


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