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March 19, 2008 Comments Off on track flickr

track flickr on twitter im:

Confirmado que flickr no va para los mortales y no soy el único
@MMartin yeap. flickr down
flickr is down (and it IS!) Maybe it was me! – I hit it from the dialup :S
pues vamos a ver que hay de nuevo en flickr
Okay, so why does Flickr have to go down when I want to use it? Get back online, Flickr! I blame Microsoft.
@miyori Yeah Flickr isn’t being too friendly right now
@pandemia Flickr è super down
Flickr, baby, don’t pull a Twitter on us! We love youuu!
@matuvu Flickr is available here … but very ssssloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Flickr please dont let me down today. My grand-mother is waiting for pictures. We’re preparing a book for her 90th birthday. Deadline today!
me piro a desinfectarme, a ver si cuando vuelva Flickr ya esta UP
Ist Flickr bei euch auch down?
comunica a che il suo Flickr funziona perfettamente
(Pietel): @clopin geraak jij hier op Flickr?
Vale, he hablado muy rápido. Parece que el flickr-hipo es mas grave de lo esperado

hipo = hickup


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