Government campaign with F-Word

March 21, 2008 Comments Off on Government campaign with F-Word

I am not at all prudish. And I can be found using provocative language when defending my point of view (which is, by the way, most of the times the right point of view 😉 ). But the Flemish government just launched a campaign to be more tolerant towards the pink community.
The campaign has the following slogan: ‘Fuck hetero’s en holebi’s. Ik ben tolero’. I am quite tolerant, but you shouldn’t educate young people to use the F-word lightly. Using it in a campaign is therefore not a wise idea. When you are in a meeting with non-English speakers, and you drop the F-word, or even the word shit, this will probably be neglected. If you drop these words accidentally in a business environment with native English speakers (or worse, Americans)… the F-word is not to be taken lightly.
I hear it way too often that people use it lightly, and I realise that it has completely lost its meaning over here in Belgium, but be fucking careful in formal situations in the UK, USA or Ireland (although fecking seems to be a good alternative there…. a bit liking frakking in Battlestar Galactica).

I do endorse the idea behind the campaign though.


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