Can we use one of your photos?

April 8, 2008 Comments Off on Can we use one of your photos?


Dear Mike
Good afternoon! I work for a British publisher and have
just been looking at flickr for photos of France to go in
the new edition of our book “Live & Work in France”.
I very much like like your photo “Chalet” — — and
wondered if it would be possible for us to use it in the
book: I can’t offer money, I am afraid, but we would of
course give you a photo credit.

Would this be possible? If so, you can contact me via my
flickr address *****, or use my normal e-mail address

Many thanks! D.W.

Some thoughts:

  • Publisher without money?
  • Can they not read the license?
  • If I say “Yes”, am I stealing from professional photographers?
  • If I say “Yes”, should they not at least send me the book to see whether they mention my name?
  • It is at least a pretty decent thing to ask me permission

Your thoughts are of course more than welcome!


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