Bible lessons from Al-Saeed

April 10, 2008 Comments Off on Bible lessons from Al-Saeed

I have been publishing Bible quotes for a while. Reason for this was that I was expecting a film like the one above. There aren’t many things I’d like to add, but still:
Those quotes came out of books before Christianity, the Old Testament. Technically, they belong more to Judaïsm than Christianity.
We have seen major war (in terms of history, we would call that yesterday) here where religious hate was used (and not condemned by the Catholic Church!), maybe that’s why people in the lowlands are still so afraid of religious hatred. My generation grew up listening to the stories of grandfathers and grandmothers.
The current New Testament, which I think overrules the Old testament, does not call for hate any more (although history proves that people did atrocious things in the name of Jezus Christ)… I belief that Qu’ran still does. Probably a lot comes out of social context of that age, but it does.

UPDATE: I don’t see the link between christianity and the first scene, do you?

I leave it up to others (more knowledgeable people) to have more in-depth discussions. We’re probably even comparing apples and pears. But the fact remains, a sincere debate will be necessary (and difficult after all the killing done!).


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