The weekend: Gent, Brussels, food and booze

May 12, 2008 Comments Off on The weekend: Gent, Brussels, food and booze

It all started, expectedly, on Friday evening. Five o’clock: drink in the coffee corner to celebrate some big deals. Got home late and sat on terrace with some wine and take-away Thai food.
GrasleiSaturday morning, our guests Chris and Anthony arrived and after a little brunch on the terrace (I guess I’ll have to tag this post with the word) we drove to Gent for a little walk around the historic centre, a beer (not for me as I was driving) and a dinner (admittedly I had two glasses of wine). For those of you who aren’t convinced about Gent’s beauty, just go check it out! The little breeze made the temperatures just bearable. We finished the day with a dinner at Grade. We did get a lot of recommendations from Facebook/blog and irl friends, so we were spoilt for choice. Didn’t regret this choice though! Service was a bit on the slow side and we got a bit bored with it by the end, but the service was pleasant (I’m sure the gay boys loved the waiters 😉 ) and the food was delicious. One little remark about the SMS-parking in Gent though… We did send a message to the appropriate number before going to the restaurant, switched off the phone (it is a restaurant after all). Upon re-enabling the phone, we got a text message (sent around 22h20) saying that if we didn’t send an extra message, our parking term would finish at 22h30. It was 23h by that time. Never had that problem in Antwerp with the SMS-parking.
Little walk after lunchSunday morning was just one of those lazy mornings with a croissant, tea and some general chit-chat while watching holiday pics. We took C & A to MIM where a table on the terrace awaited us around 13h. Again, a nice breeze prevented us from boiling (the cuttlery wàs burning hot from lying on the table though!). But even if it had been boiling hot, the view with such good weather is marvelous up at MIM terrace. The service was pleasant, quick but the reception was quite hectic. I had to announce myself twice to be seated, and the girl seating us was so troubled by the overwhelming crowd she nearly forgot that I mentioned twice I had made reservations!
Louise BrisonAfter C & A had left, Jorge got here with some friends to celebrate his birthday in our apartment. It ended up in a very drunk night with some more bottles (5) than the ones in the picture drunk at the restaurant (Eat East). Everybody joined my suspicion that this restaurant is highly frequented by the L-crowd. The whole staff is female, and the amount of female guests is just too high… Maybe T can confirm? Isn’t it nice to be able to enjoy the terrace al the way into the night?
One (well… half) more day to go, and no hang over from all the drinks! Weather’s still fine, what shall we do?


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