Photography assignment

May 19, 2008 Comments Off on Photography assignment

I mentioned about the photographic assignment I was given in the office. I won’t bore you with how it went, but from an amateur perspective there are a couple of lessons learnt.

  • Make sure that you (and thus the organiser) know everything about the light.
    Just an example of what happened: at the moment of the presentation/award ceremony, lights went out in the front (not mentioned!), so that all nominees had to be focused on in the dark!
  • Go through the list of foreseeable events, potentially with timing. The right lens at the right time, is quite important!
  • Make sure that the guy with the microphone doesn’t mention ‘professional photographer’ while you’re battling to get ready for the next unforeseen shot. Threaten with physically assertive/agressive behaviour if necessary 😉

On a side note: 40d at 1200 ISO is awesome! Following shots would have been near-disaster with the 400D.
Are you the smartest? Are you the smartest?

It’s just a bit difficult to justify the cost of a new body, can somebody come and throw some beer on my current body?


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