Can't picture this…

May 28, 2008 Comments Off on Can't picture this…
Loved these:

Show me your id

In a country that objects to ID and still has no country wide use of ID, how come coppers are asking ID? It’s mind boggling…
The Government has said that until 2010, people can choose not to be issued a card, though they will still have to pay for one, and still be placed on the database.
Sniggered at this:

Shut up!

But more importantly, there’s a lot of confusion about photography in public spaces… also with the authorities!

Have not come across any police officer stopping me in Belgium yet, but why would they? They just look blankly at people crossing traffic lights, people jaywalking, dogs crapping on the pavement (without a clean up),… hell you can apparently stand on the left on an escalator in Belgium 😉


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