Bikers and photographers

May 29, 2008 Comments Off on Bikers and photographers

See no similarities? Most of them are maniacs, and especially about the equipment.
Crahan makes the switch to Canon, apparently. Big deal… cut the crap. I don’t really understand his decision to switch from Nikon to Canon, but I wouldn’t understand the reverse either. Same difference if you ask me… pros and cons on both sides. So you get the obvious reactions that people welcome him to the “good side”, and people thinking he’s mad to switch to Canon. But hey, it’s not like he’s moving from Hasselblad to some small sensor fag pack size camera, no?
Will he be making bad pictures as of now, just because of the camera switch? Hell no, he’s pretty good at what he does, and he’ll get better… not despite of, and not thanks to the switch to Canon.


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