We want it all…

May 29, 2008 Comments Off on We want it all…

  • Work less (less hours, part time,….)!
  • Buy extras (mp3 players, gps’s, citytrips, holidays)

And so it happens people complain that we have less money to buy stuff…

But if you compare products now and 25 years ago, not price wise but working hours wise, you notice that we have to work less hours for obtaining the same products.
Out of 12 “representative” necessities, only 3 (cod, potatoes and moka cake (!)) require us to work longer than 25 years ago.
Fuel is even “cheaper” then it was 25 years ago… isn’t that a surprise? It’s just that we want it all… cameras, ipods, gps’s, 3 holidays a year! And that’s what makes life expensive nowadays 😉
After reading Duncan’s post on oil prices, I wonder if that would be the same in the US… especially for the oil prices…!
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