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June 11, 2008 Comments Off on Belgacom security

UTP“Hackers” have published personal details of Belgacom customers on the internet. This happened around New Year ’08. Belgacom has negotiated with the criminals to get the data off the internet and has started informing the concerned customers as of April about the infringment and that they shouldn’t worry.
Comment of Belgacom in the newspapers: “This proves that our security works”.

What do you mean, security works at Belgacom? Personal details of 2000 people got published, possibly copied… I think that’s a major security FAIL!
The fact that Belgacom waited 4 months to slowly start informing the people concerned (reason: we cannot drown customer service with work…!!! Really, that’s what they said!) is just outrageous.
Sources: De Morgen (nl) , The Register
Photo courtesy of Alejandro, El Colo


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