Start to run… again.

July 6, 2008 Comments Off on Start to run… again.

Two months ago, I decided to give up on the running and see a doctor. Two months, two doctor’s visits and 8 physiotherapists visits later, I went back into the woods of Uccle/Hoeilaart to test. My physio wanted me to do three long runs in one week’s time to see how the exercises have influenced my running.
Run in the park
“Three long runs, is that not going to hurt, isn’t that too much at once?”, I hear you think. It probably is. But it’s important to estimate what I already can/cannot do. I’ve run 3×20 minutes with 5 minutes “active” rest (which basically means walking…). I’m home, showered, had brunch and don’t really feel my knee hurt. It’ll probably be important not to get overly enthusiastic now that I was able to do that, but I’m already looking forward to getting more in shape!
So what was the problem with the knee? A massive tendinitis, an irritated meniscus and some other irritations on the inside of my knee. The main reason for this, is the way I absorb shocks. My knee and ankle go inwards at landing… I knew that about the ankle as I already wear anti-pronation (that’s the medical term for it) shoes for running. The knee thing was new for me.
Surprisingly, the exercises I’ve been doing were not even for the knee, but should give me rock solid buns 😉 That should help me correct that absorption by the knee…


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