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Last visit to physiotherapist yesterday. He doesn’t think I should come back as long as I keep doing my exercises. He got me running 3 times over an hour in less than a week (it turned out to be 5 days for me), which is, in all fairness, not the amount of running that I would normally do to start again after 2 months of inactivity. But the important thing was to see whether my knee would hold. Result is positive!
KneeSo what did I have? Tendinitis, almost every component on inside of left knee. What did he do about that? Little, next to nothing. Tendinitis goes away with anti-inflammatory medicine (diplofenac).
“Hey, he did next to nothing?” I am probably exaggerating, but indeed, very little to cure the tendinitis. What we did, was lots of exercises to correct my posture, which was the cause of the tendinitis. The result thereof is that I have buns of steel and very strong quadriceps (especially the lateralis bit, which one doesn’t often exercise).
So what now? Training! Try and go for 2-3 runs per week, start cycling and continue swimming (2-3 times a week). Should be enough to keep me going and get me back on last year’s weight (and especially fat percentage!).


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