One more thing I hate about Flickr.

July 13, 2008 Comments Off on One more thing I hate about Flickr.

Apart from the top ten rant, there’s just one more thing that I hate about Flickr.
Why can I not change the thumbnail? Flickr arbitraritly chooses a portion of you picture to create a thumbnail. These thumbnails sometimes are very poorly chosen. If Flickr can offer you to crop your photos online, why can they not offer the possibility to define the square area that you wish to choose as thumbnail?

I don’t have such a problem with people putting prose under their pictures though, you don’t *have* to read the whole thing. And I do often skip it 😉
And I don’t mind the ‘only group invites’ too much, as I also do it for Brusselblogt… but I think that people do understand why they’ve been chosen in this case 😉


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