Knee better…

July 16, 2008 Comments Off on Knee better…

Hope your knee is better btw.

Thanks, yes it is! But due to too much running (overexcited I guess), my shin bones hurt.

VoltapatchLike I said, my knee didn’t absorb the shock properly, so we adjusted my way of running a bit. This means that other parts of my body have to absorb the shocks… that’s probably why the shin bones hurt. Let’s hope it gets better soon. As it’s not very deep, treating it with Voltapatch…

Anyway: tonight I’m off for Morzine (4 days), hope to run there at least once. Running in the mountains is fun!
Oh, and I upgraded WordPress today. So if you couldn’t reach the site this morning, mea culpa… I was upgrading 😉


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