Nederlands or French?

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Consistency, consistency!
My mum would probably think that she has the choice between German and French 😉 And what about Britannica’s view on Belgium? Is it Dutch, or is it Netherlandic, or Flemish?

In the north the Flemings, who constitute more than half of Belgium’s population, speak Netherlandic.

In the same genre on another poll:

You’re either Dutch speaker or Walloon (bye bye french speaking Bruxelleir 😉 )!

And in Switzerland you can obviously only be either French or German speaker.
From Britannica

The Swiss constitution recognizes German, French, and Italian as official languages. Since 1996 Romansh (Rhaeto-Romance), a linguistic relic preserved in the mountainous regions between the Gotthard massif and the eastern Alps, has had official status at the federal level for communicating with Romansh-speaking persons (it had been designated as an official “national” language in 1938).

UPDATE: the page…


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