LR2: first impressions

July 30, 2008 Comments Off on LR2: first impressions

I hadn’t bothered installing Lightroom 2 beta, especially after the 1.4 débâcle they had, but after seeing all the public testing they’ve done with 2.0, I was more confident to do the upgrade rightaway. (I did back up all my catalogs one more time though, one cannot be sure enough 😉 )
I haven’t played in the develop module yet, but started off with the library module. Searching your photos based on meta data, keywords and filters isn’t cluttered all over the left colum anymore. It does make you rethink a couple of things though. I’m sure it’ll be a matter of getting used to it, I presume. (That is what I didn’t find immediately.) I think I’ll also have to start defining some much used filters into pre-sets to speed up my work flow. I have never used such thing before, so I guess it’s new. Good stuff though.
I haven’t had the opportunity to test the dual screen yet, but that’ll come as soon as I buy an extra screen for my iMac. (Bit of a bummer, the iMac itself is working fine, but the screen is slowly degrading into not functional for photography).
I have never had much use for the collections, but the smart collections seems like something I want to try out extensively… keeping collections automatically up-to-date is appealing.
The suggested keywords based upon exif time doesn’t seem to help me much with the way I organise my workflow, but maybe I’ll have to come back from that opinion later.

On another note, is this added functionality worth the 129€ for the upgrade? They better come up with some good stuff in the develop module… I also find the upgrade price exorbitantly high compared to the US price (where it goes for 63€!) If there’s a sales force and local support for Belgium, than this might justify the cost (employees do cost a lot more here). But Lightroom is one of those products that is mostly sold over the internet and the sales force if very much the Adobe and Adobe-minded bloggers, most of them in the United States.


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