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So, after the injury, and also after a lot of time thinking about it, I took up cycling. It’s over a year ago that my dad gave me his old bike (he wanted a Trek). The thinking and not doing anything had a lot to do with the Brussels’ area that I have to escape.
I braved the traffic and managed to get out without any harm done. I wàs nearly run over by a car whose driver never even thought about the possibility of a cyclist. He managed to stop and looked completely dumbstruck looking at me in my cycling gear. But 400m further on the “Verlengde Stallestraat”, where the cars make a turn for the Brussels ring, a guy noticed me and stopped to let me go. I’m getting a bit more confident now, but still very carefull!
So the canal is my comfort zone for the moment, almost no encounters with cars, three regions in one ride (Anderlecht in Bxl, Ruisbroek/Drogenbos and Halle in Flemland, Forges de Clabeq in …the other one 😉 ). As I saw a thunderstorm approaching on Monday, and knowing that I would get into it when I returned along the canal, I took my chances to find my way through Dworp and Rode…
I did avoid the storm (!), I got lost in Rode though and ended up at the border with Waterloo along the accordingly named chaussée.
But the worst thing, something I hardly realised when driving around on motorised vehicles, is that I live on a hill!
Illustration: from canal to home 😉


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