Alcatraz II

August 12, 2008 Comments Off on Alcatraz II

Alcatraz behind barsIt looks like I might be going/swimming to jail.

Hi Mike,

I asked gary about the tides and he said that on the 26th you would have to swim to Alcatraz not from it.
He saud if you were an exceptional swimmer i.e. better than 28 minute miles. You could swim from Alcatraz but on this day he would recommend the other way.
Please let me know if this changes your mind and if you are still interested.


I can swim at a pace of 1m15s in a pool, so this might be around 1m20s in open water… which would lead to 22m à 23m for a mile. I left them the message of my abilities and let’s hope for the best!
Photo by SeenyaRita (Creative Commons)


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