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August 21, 2008 Comments Off on BCN Recommendations: touristy stuff

BCN: Parc GuellCasa Battlò, Pedrera, Parc/Palau Guell,… all very worth visiting of course. And there’s plenty to see on the modernist front of course. So if you like architecture, don’t miss out on all the goodies. Like with all cities, there’s a lot of walking involved if you *really* want to get to know and feel it a bit. Our first great walk took us to the Gracià area. It starts at the top of the Passeig de Gracià and stretches out towards the Parc Guell. Casa BattloWe were lucky enough to be there when they were having their festivities, but even without that the area lives with lots of artists and art schools, lovely small squares, and all that without the massive tourist crowd you find on the Rambla, Barrì Gottic and Parc Guell.He's cool! And if you insist on pursuing modernist architecture, you’ll find Casa Vincenz (Gaudì’s first house) in Carrer del Carolines.
Our second big walk took us to the beach. Make sure you don’t go to the Port Olympic around lunch time (14h-17h), as you’ll feel hungry and tempted to be seduced by the many people asking you to have lunch in their tacky restaurants. From Port Olympic, to the City swimming pool and back around the old port to Columbus’ statue, is a long walk but you’ll enjoy every minute of relaxing feel-good vibes that hang around a beach. Well worth the while 😉
Oh! And if there’s 3 or 4 of you, do get taxi’s to get around. They’re quicker, get you door to door and are equally or cheaper priced than metro.
Fiesta de Gracià


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