BCN: give it a miss.

August 25, 2008 Comments Off on BCN: give it a miss.

Mirò museum. Together with the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid, this is a disaster for the artists’ work. Most of Mirò’s work is behind glass that is not reflection proof. So you’re basically looking at the work, yourself and the work behind you at once. In many places, there are at least two different light sources with different light colouring on one work (e.g. spot + natural daylight). lego miròThe temporary exposition of Olafur Eliasson’s work was fun, but not really amazing either. (playing with optics is something for 15 year old boys with an interest in popular science).
There was also an area covered with white Lego. I guess this must represent ART 2.0, user-generated content in a museum. It didn’t convince me.
Pedrera Summer Terrace: although it’s named Summer Terrace, described as the ultimate experience of having drinks on the roof top of the Pedrera, it only takes place in July. So if you read about this, thinking “Hey, it’s summer, we should do this!”, don’t go unless it’s July. July is the only summer month for the Barcelona board of tourism 😉
Port Olympic food: avoid being there around lunch time. There’s nowhere else to go as you are pretty far from anything else, and the food and service is horrendous! (Far from everything is not true, you càn always go and have lunch in Hotel Arts. But with a GT going at 18€, I don’t want to know how much their lunches cost).
Don’t loose your wallet Barcelona police insists on waiting for an official translator who doesn’t speak your language. Insisting that you want to do it in Spanish is not enough. And as the official translator was heavily needed with the French couple, she was hardly there during my interview, so at the end I did most of it in Spanish anyway (well, sort of, but I could make myself understood).
Don’t fly Ryanair, if you loose your wallet. (I didn’t, used SN miles). The consulate made it perfectly clear that an official declaration of theft/loss of ID is enough for all airlines except Ryanair. I have no idea what you have to do in that case, and I have no intention of finding out 😉


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