Air food: worth paying for?

August 28, 2008 Comments Off on Air food: worth paying for?

Cabin foodDo you remember the days that even for a flight less than 1 hour (London-Brussels), the cabin crew was serving you food and a little drink? Those were the days! And what was the cost? Very low I suspect (at least when they were giving sandwiches).
For continental flights, nowadays, we have to pay for our food if not in business/first or flex (SN’s way of ditching business). This leaves me wondering about a number of things…

  • How much money do the airlines actually generate/recuperate with making us pay for a sandwich and a glass of water (Ibéria) or tonic
  • How much food is thrown away after each flight?
    • They must have enough food on board for everyone
    • Not everybody buys food on the flights anymore…
    • Hygiene and food safety must be important as they don’t want to give the passenger food poisoning
  • How much more work does the cabin crew have now?

Photo by Th♥mås Lǔ ~ 24號到27號新加坡與雅加達


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