BOIC and its vice president.

August 28, 2008 Comments Off on BOIC and its vice president.

Post might be of lesser interest if you don’t live in Belgium
Situation: a trainer of Belgian athletes describes his discomfort while watching the Belgian football team loose from Nigeria at the Belgian embassy. Alledgedly, the vice president of the Belgian Olympic Comity did use inappropriate language vis-à-vis the Nigerian players.
I’d like to separate the whole débacle in two parts.

  1. VP constantly shouts ‘Vuile Zwarte’ (roughly translated as Dirty Blackman). For clarification, this is a (tasteless) play on words, as this used to be shouted at the referee (always dressed in black). By doing it with the Nigerian players, he’s crossing a thin line for some at the embassy. And that’s where part two starts…
  2. The above mentioned coach’s wife complains about the inappropriate humour. Remark made by the VP. “You have never had to work with black people, well I have and I know what it is like”.

To me, everything in part one is deemed inappropriate, childish and tasteless humour at the expense of black people. To call it pure racism… not entirely sure. Humour is all too often at the expense of somebody (the one who fell over the banana, the ginger boy, …).
But to me, the reaction where the vice president confirms his prejudices about black people based ìs pure racism. And I can only hope the the Olympic Comity draws conclusions. This man does not belong in a position defending the Olympic spirit!


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