Waiting in SFO

September 27, 2008 Comments Off on Waiting in SFO

Musings about Americans (as in: ppl living in the US) while waiting in SFO airport for my AF flight at 15h03

  • Why do Americans have to speak in a nasal voice? Was there an American president with a permanent cold whom they try to immitate (analogy: the reason the Spanish speak with a lisp, is because one of their kings had a speech impediment)
  • Americans are not that different to Europeans. Anyone claiming that wants to differentiate as hard as possible without any proper understanding. Asians now, they are quite different in mentality/culture/…., and there are a lot of them in the Bay Area
  • “Americans who are friendly to you are after a tip”: not true. I met a lot of people, also professionally who just wanted to help you. I’d be happy to find a bit more of that in Europe
  • Food comes in large portions. Unfortunately that is true, although CA doesn’t seem as bad as TX. There obviously are exceptions to this rule, but this post is about generalisations 😉
  • Americans don’t have the same sense of humour where they can take the piss out ot themselves: again not true. Very often they do (don’t know whether that’s an influence of some imported/converted HBO programs), and they also accept that you take the piss out of them. While climbing on our bikes to Golden Gate Bridge, some friendly (again!) but obese Americans who were behind us, shouted that they’d help us take a group picture. My colleague shouted back that we couldn’t wait till then because it would be too dark for photography. These people were peeing themselves. (Personally I thought that was borderline insulting, but hey!)
  • It is scary though to see how many people are undereducated. Yesterday, we had a waiter who barely spoke English!
  • Why do people not understand you when you ask for water (when properly pronounced as I learnt in school?). It’s a bit like French who refuse to understand you when you say septante (do not tell me that you cannot understand because you don’t use the word on a regular basis)
  • Security in SFO is pretty fast, as is passport control
  • Why are Americans so kean on proving that they know which language you’re speaking?
  • The perm will never have to make a come back here, it’s still very much in!

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