Fred works at Fortis

October 6, 2008 Comments Off on Fred works at Fortis

QI just read about a research for the name-letter effect concerning jobs. So these researchers looked at the statistical probability that the first letter of your name corresponds with the first letter of your employer. And then they looked at the real figures in Belgium (they took 1/3 of the working population) and noticed a 12% difference!
I have no idea what the influence of odd letters like x (Xavier, Xander,…), q (Quentin, Qassim,…) and y (Yannick, Yanis, Yanne…) have and if the number of company names is high enough to provide a proper statistical result, but as this was a scientific research, I’ll presume so 😉

My name is Mike and I work at Oracle, and you?
Q by Leo Reynolds


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