October 28, 2008 § 4 Comments

I’m going on holiday because I need to recharge my batteries. My whereabouts is available on this page. I promise that I’ll come back with pictures for Lamazone that she can use for LoLLamas!
Not taking a laptop and have no idea how the mobile connections in the desert and Altiplano will be. Silence here and on Flickr, Plurk, Twitter, Facebook I guess. Should be back halfway November.

Serious Lama


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  • Mich says:

    You are more likely to see Vicuña’s and Guanaco’s than lama’s over there 😉 Except for a rare few domesticated ones!

    Enjoy 😉

  • Mike says:

    No idea why wordpress decided to hold on to this scheduled post so long. Thanks for you wishes. There obviously is connection in San Pedro. Tomorrow might be a different story…
    Mich: you’re right for the moment… but I might see some in Putre, one never knows. I didn’t take a picture of a Guanacom during our trip from Calama airport thinking that they are quite common. How wrong I was according to our guide this morning

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