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Antonio Marques asked in episode 17 how geotagging would make my life easy.
I guess the question was more: how would automated geotagging make my life easy, and that’s easily explained. Manually geotagging pictures of a party is fairly straightforward… you can add the info in your favourite program (Lightroom in my case), or you can upload them on Flickr (or Panoramio) and add location information to them. But what if you’re traveling? Do you remember exactly where you were when taking that tiger shot, or that shot of the guanaco’s? I can sometimes do it, but with a big error margin. I don’t keep exact track of where in the Indian jungle or Chilean Altiplano I was when shooting that picture. And even if I knew (what sometimes happens), the maps and/or satellite pictures aren’t always detailed enough to look it up.
So now comes the automation. Take a little GPS device with you, and automate the addition of geo data to your pictures. Photofinder mini, which Photonetcast was discussing, has no dependencies on computers and apparently supports all major brands. So I’m assuming that my .CR2 files are not an issue for the device. Hell yea, detailed GPS data for my holiday pics and my pictures in the Foret de Soignies, would bu such and improvement on accurate geotagging!
For the competition part, we’re asked what the two colours in the ATP logo are. I guess that blue and white is what we’re looking for. But we all know that white is not a colour… technically speaking. Don’t we ? 😉


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