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December 2, 2008 § 2 Comments

LawyerWaiting for a judgement is never a nice thing, but if they send you home and say that they will think about this one… that’s nerve wrecking.
It all started on March 1 2007 when somebody claimed (rather agressively) that I hit his car whilst parking my car. I thought I hadn’t, but my car radio was on, so maybe I hadn’t heard nor felt. But when the guy showed the damage (serious) on the wrong side of the car (in which case my car had to be on the pavement), I knew they guy was trying to claim the damage of a previous accident on me. When on top he became aggressive, I went home (telling him where I lived, urging him to call the police) and called the police who advised me to declare the situation in the office, which I did. Later that evening, the police showed up at my door to declare the whole thing again.
So 1 year and 9 months later, my lawyer and me were able to defend myself against the accusations (the accident being one, the other one was for running away from the accident). We explained the whole situation and unlike the other cases this morning… the judge has to think about it. Earliest this afternoon, earlies tomorrow morning I’ll know whether I’m guilty or not.
Apparently I can still appeal in this case, should things turn out badly.
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