Your taxi is there

December 8, 2008 Comments Off on Your taxi is there

Taxi Vert?7am and I’m back from driving madame to Bxl-Midi. I don’t mind driving her there, nor do I mind driving her to the airport. But hey, it’s a financial crisis for everyone, and we do think people should be able to make money, so we/she ordered a taxi yesterday night. For 6am!
Friendly dispatching person takes a note: station, train, schedules, cannot miss… We’ll be there!
This morning, no taxi…
So let’s call them! Dispatching tells her: your taxi is there! So she goes to the front and sees no taxi. Goes back to the phone to hear that Taxi Verts (yes, those bastards), have hung up on her! So let’s call them again! Dispatching tells her: Not there? Well, in that case, there are no more cars. Though luck!
So I hear you thinking: why go with that company? Well, if you read the comments on Brusselblogt, you realise that the others aren’t any better and Taxis Verts is still the biggest.
Maybe we should give the others a try? We’ll do!


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