Lime & Digital vs. Analog

December 18, 2008 Comments Off on Lime & Digital vs. Analog

Went to a debate on Digital versus/and Analog photography around lunch time. Some of our better Flemish photographers were present to have debate on… everything but analog versus digital. The analog vs. digital subject wasn’t worked out well with the presenter and got watered down to a discussion on Facebook and Myspace which wasn’t relevant at all. As there was still a lot of time left, and the fact that the debaters all sort of agreed that the medium doesn’t really matter to them a lot, we got some general questions for the individual debaters on their work. Which was interesting, not what I came for though.
Still on the subject on photography, launched today: LIME. I’ll see if I can convince some ppl to offer me a training as a Xmas present 😉 Go see what it’s all about!


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