January 2008

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Better half's new apartment.January was the month were we first went to London to look at apartments. We both fell in love with the one apartment that didn’t fulfill the criteria as set: old warehouse style, Shad Thames area, cosy… It’s not Shad Thames (although only 10 minutes walk), it certainly isn’t old warehouse style and it’s big (cosy is what we’ll make of it I guess;-) ). We fell in love with the penthouse at Bermondsey Spa, an up’n’coming area behind Shad Thames at less than 10 minutes of Bermondsey Tube station.
That day was also the first time we saw St. Pancras station as we crossed the channel through the chunnel for the previous Xmas period. More pictures of that day: St. Pancras, the search and the penthouse.
For the rest, January was much about getting rested from the Xmas period and the mad party on New Year’s eve…
Unfortunately, still lots of franco-flem lies/statistics being used and abused at both sides of the linguistic border. Things aren’t getting any better in Brussels.


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