February 5, 2009 Comments Off on Twunches

@mreys and @boskaboutTwunches are weird in the beginning. I’ve done two so far, and basically you meet up with people you hardly know (unless you’re really part of the in-crowd/happy few). That’s mostly due to the reason I hardly come to IRL events.
And although you think you know the people you meet through Twitter, you’re not really sure. My first twunch did feel a bit awkward for that reason. People seemed different, and it took a long while before we found lots in common. So I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to give the whole @twunch thing another try.
But for some unknown/magic reason, social interactions with @boskabout and @fotograaf were a lot smoother than on the first twunch (no offence to the first lot!). It was good meeting both, and I’ll probably try another twunch in the ‘near future’.


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