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April 2, 2009 Comments Off on Hush hush

In an article on Annie Leibovitz’s financial troubles, I read the following reaction:

Oh wow. I’m a big fan of Ms. Leibovitz and this is so upsetting! I recently read her autobio “At Work,” and Susan was mentioned throughout– dense of me not to realize they’re partners!

I’m not that dense, probably of the exposure I get to many gay friends, but I too had a weird feeling about this relationship. You do find loads of references to Susan Sontag in many articles on Leibovitz’s life and career. Only on one single occasion did I explicitly find Sontag mentioned as her partner. I agree that one’s sexual preference is not the single most important thing about him/her. And if the person you’re talking about would be the head of an ICT company, it’s not important to that person’s career at all. But hey, we’re talking Leibovitz here. Sontag appears in many beautiful shots and even when American Photographer makes a collector’s issue on Annie, I find very few references to Sontag (but I do find pictures).
First mention in the Chronology is the publication of Women, second mention there is Sontag’s death. Second article/essay where you might get a hint contains this:

In her work we find this kind of variation in the informal shots of her family, and above all in the portraits of Susan Sontag:….

And still this is only a mere hint, you could even interpret the ‘above all‘ as Susan Sontag nòt being family.
Maybe I’m seeing ghosts, but why on earth so hush hush about this, only to find people shocked about the financial woes and inequalities in inheritance laws in the U.S.?
What’s your thought, am I overreacting here?


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