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Ding dong! Mr. Oneball: “Hello, and you are?” Little measly man with moustache answers: “Ello, I’m ‘ere for doping contrôl, AFLD. I need to perform an air teste and urine teste…”.
“An air test?” replies Mr. Oneball, “That’s new, I’ll check with my manager”.
Mr. Manager: “You say you are from AFLD? Do you mind that we check your credentials before we let you in? This is control nr 40 since last September and we would like to check who you are”. Door closes.
20 minutes later, door opens… “please come in, we have confirmation on who you are, so please perform the hhhhair test you require!”

Today in the newspapers: Mr. Oneball been accused of not having constantly been in sight of little measly mr. Contrôleur. If they can’t get him for doping, they’ll get him for procedures! But getting him, they’ll do… for ze ‘onor of aFld.
Any resemblance with existing people is purely coincidental.


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