About cello and IT architecture

May 5, 2009 Comments Off on About cello and IT architecture

Waiting for the keynote at OOW: Zoë KeatingZoe Keating, being an IT architect in the good old IT days, builds her musical pieces like she built web applications. I saw Zoe first at Oracle Openworld where she was playing while we all waited for the keynote speeches.

Keating, who was an information architect during the dot-com boom, sees work of making her music as similar to that of planning and building websites: In both cases, she says, she’s building large structures out of simple building blocks.
“It’s really neat when you build up all these little, small things, you can make something that is otherworldly,” Keating says.

I was well impressed with her music back in September but failed to bring the brochures with me and forgot to look up who she was. Recently I saw pictures of her in Pinar Ozger’s flickr stream and that’s how I got to know her name. Zoe, geeky as she is, is present on the interweb: @zoecello and www.zoekeating.com. Go find out!



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