Particularly monitored

July 3, 2009 Comments Off on Particularly monitored

Roseline Bachelot

“The (doping) controls will be multiplied, and I tell Lance Armstrong that he will be particularly, particularly, particularly monitored,” Bachelot told i-Tele.

This is the sort of message that makes me angry. We will focus on one particular person, just cause! Of course it’s for their dislike of Americans, don’t think otherwise. Cycling has for a long time been a European continental thing, with the odd UK or Ozzie cyclist thrown in. But now the ultimate European cycling event, Tour de France, has been dominated by an American and without any proof of this the guy has been ditched! All other cycling heroes are worshipped! Even Eddy Merckx who was once caught using doping/drugs to enhance his cycling capabilities.

In the same article by Associated Press the head of France’s anti-doping agency states that Armstrong will be treated like any other rider regarding drug testing. One can only hope, but I guess that the hunt on Armstrong has started, his life will be made more difficult than the other cyclists (to wear him out), all with the hopes that this will increase the chances of the others. A sort of a negative doping from the French government if you will.
Even though I hardly follow the Tour de France anymore, I feel that it’s time to pick up the habit of watching again and pick someone to support. Armstrong can count on mine!

Photo Bachelot courtesy of Medef


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