Sire, il y encore des vrais entrepreneurs

July 13, 2009 Comments Off on Sire, il y encore des vrais entrepreneurs

For the photowalk next week, I was sad to read that Café Gudule was not an option looking at the opening hours. So I briefly mentioned on twitter to Café Gudule that it was sad we couldn’t come. Within 1/2day a reply: “tell me about your event and maybe we make it possible to open that day”.
Yes, you hear well. Belgian HoReCa (short for Hotel, Resto, Cafés) is willing to consider opening on their normal closing day. If you don’t live in Bxl, you probably don’t know how much of a problem making an exception to closing days is (even for big bucks) in that sector (and some others!).

I just had a chat with the nice lady, I’ll try and inform her asap on the number of people who would join so she can get ready to serve us some of the finest burgers, salads or sandwiches in Brussels! And I already got the menu to inform the participants of the possibilities!

Oh and Sire: “Si vous lisez ce blog: c’est pas loin pour vous hein. Work lunch @ Rue du Gentilhomme 11 avec du Wifi pour votre netbook ou PDA”.


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