Brussels Photowalk

July 19, 2009 Comments Off on Brussels Photowalk

Whilst the participants are uploading their pictures of yesterday’s walk, the above flickr show is getting bigger as you read this. So go visit the group or come back here if you want to see more.
Tonight on TV Brussels, there should be an item on the photo walk. The crew followed Sven, who has now become one of the few honorary Brusseleirs from Antwerp origin 😉 FM Brussels called us while we were having lunch, so there we made sure Vincent (the youngest dutch speaker of the group) became the star of the day. I hope they recorded the interview so that the other walkers can hear the interview as well. Peter did some guerilla marketing to promote his book that was put in the wrong section (amongst the Ubuntu books) in De Standaard.
All in all, I met a whole bunch of interesting and passionate photographers, and that was the objective. I hope everybody feels this way! And let this not be the last time you visit Brussels, there are more than enough areas we didn’t cover.


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