Mobistar customer non-service

July 26, 2009 § 1 Comment

Missed the date!

iPhone 3Gs launch last June: I completely missed it. Better half was in hospital while I was on business trip, so I basically went into one of the Mobistar centres (which they insist on spelling center… I always thought they were a European company) a week later than the launch. I knew there wouldn’t be any in stock. And to my surprise, all Mobistar people were slagging off Apple because of limited stock. Now whether or not Apple ìs to blame, I’m surprised to hear a sales man not apologising and only putting the complete blame on his partner. Although that’s more of a problem for Apple, personally I think it’s not a nice image that Mobistar portrays of itself.

The “hunt”

Anyway, I got myself listed in the Mobistar centre in Uccle where I was number 67 on the list. Good enough for waiting till September I thought. Later I went to the shop in Rue Neuve where a representative told me early June to wait a bit. I confronted him with his advice to have me wait, and they offered me to pay an advance. As there was at that time only one person before me who had paid an advance (that’s what they told me and I have a colleague as a witness), I’d probably get my iPhone in a week (no guarantees, depending on deliveries).

The wait

Yesterday, a couple of weeks later, I was getting a bit nervous about the whole thing. Had they not received ANY stock yet? Or were all the models from stock the ones I didn’t order? I went into my first Mobistar centre in Uccle, just to get an idea of how sales went, and as I was still on their list (I forgot to tell them to get me de-listed) I’d ask them how much I moved up. All in all they sold about 25 machines since my visit, which comes to an average of 8 per week. At this point I just had to ask whether all Mobistar centres got equal stock… and apart from Rue Neuve which seems to get more, the answer was yes! So with that knowledge I went to the Mobistar centre in town…

The incident

After a bit of zen meditation in the car (I didn’t want to go over the top as disgruntled customer), I went in, asked them nicely if they’d had recent deliveries of the model I have and confronted them with my order, my advance (I have been Mobistar’s bank for over 4 weeks now!). A bit shocked, the guy who was present at the time I was told being second in line, denied that allegation and went the whole way by calling me a liar. I’ve had my experience with bad customer service in Belgium, but I think this has topped it. Have you ever been called a liar in a shop by the rep?
Now to be fair, his colleague was a lot nicer, took me to the computer and gave me full insight into the list of people who have ordered and it seems I àm now second. So with a bit of luck, by next weekend I should finally have that iPhone!!! Cross fingers…

You may have noticed that there are no links to Mobistar. Firstly because at this point in time, I don’t think they deserve it, secondly because of Mobistar’s linkbaiting débacle
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  • Erik says:

    Amai, amai,
    wat een moeite …
    Maar als je het toestel gaat hebben, dan gaat ge wel tevreden zijn ….

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