Are you social or are you networked?

August 11, 2009 Comments Off on Are you social or are you networked?

facebook-iconMybloglog, friendfeed, facebook aggregate loads of information like your twitter updates, flickr uploads, your blogposts on numerous blogs, so basically everything web two dot oh. There’s also the social aspect of making friends on these “integrators” and individual sites. I have made many friends, but facebook is still the only place where my real friends can be found (well at least my IRL group is quite big!). friendfeedSo my social life has very little to do with my social online network.
In these days and age of massive bandwith, even with the ridiculous download limits in Belgium, is it so much asked to change the term friend to acquaintance (12 bytes diff)? So how does sound? 😉 I think flickr is closer than most with their “contact, friend, family model”, why have others not taken up this concept? And will fb get it right, despite the friend-only friendfeed?


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